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Looking for Commercial Real Estate in Alaska?

Buying commercial property takes a little bit of homework. Matching the real estate to your goals can get tiresome without the right help. So, think of us as the Straight-A student. We’ll find all the answers, crunch all the data, and show you the best return investment.

From tracts of land to new business opportunities, we have a team of representatives and market experts to help you find the right space, no matter what property type you want. Our team will work with you on an individual basis because we know your goals are different from the next person. And by making it a partnership, we push ourselves to make the deal successful. So, start your search below and see what types of commercial real estate are available:

Commercial Property

Alaska Commercial Real Estate

Find the right workspace to match your business needs. See which size and location will offer the right opportunity with our detailed property information. Let’s Go See Commercial Real Estate Properties…

Business Opportunity

Land and Lots Real Estate

Picking the right business opportunity requires a closer look at economic performance. Find a property that fits your needs and we’ll show you what to expect from it. Let’s Go See Real Estate Business Opportunities…


Land and Lots Real Estate

Discover which multi-family properties are available and learn what the market data shows in return investment. We’ll help you narrow down the top-performing properties and make sure your investment is a sound one. Let’s Go See Multi-Family Listings…

Land and Lot

Land and Lots Real Estate

Do you have a vision for a new business? See which tracts of land can be turned into money-makers with our complete analysis of current market conditions and available lots. Let’s go see Land and Lot For Sale…