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Answers to Home Selling Questions in Anchorage, AK

Deciding to sell your home is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. There is a lot involved and a homeowner can quickly feel overwhelmed with the matters that must be dealt with. Anchorage, Alaska, like other large city’s can present a number of questions that a prospective seller will want answered. Allow me to provide some insight into the questions you require answers to.

Sell Your Anchorage AK Home

What is the home selling process like?

Selling your home involves a number of things that must be done if you are hoping for a quick sale. There is nothing to stop you as the owner from sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard, but unless you know the ins and outs of real estate your best bet is to retain an agent who does. They will expertly advise you on the things you need to do to make your home more salable and attractive to prospective buyers. You should expect to host open houses for potential buyers and negotiate deals with any offers you receive. From getting your home ready to sell and the marketing of your home (on the agent’s side), you’ll have plenty of things to do.

What is the ‘best’ time to sell my house?

An agent is your most person knowledgeable in this matter. Every state has a peak selling season when it comes to homes. The opportune time is usually compatible with the four seasons that affect most states. Think about it. Most people would not want to move in the middle of winter if it could be avoided. Spring is a busy time as people begin preparing for their move (they usually want to settle in before the start of the school  year). Others may have strong reasons of why they move during the slow times, which could open up possible deals.

Should I use a real estate agent to sell my house?

There is absolutely no doubt that a real estate agent is worth what they are paid for the job they do. They will advertise the sale of a home using a strategic marketing plan that will reach buyers far beyond the scope of the homes location. Your home will be listing on the local MLS, where other agents and buyers can view your property. In addition, an agent works with qualified buyers, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not someone can pay for your home.

How much should I list my home for sale?

Again the comparative market analysis, or CMA, is the best tool to put the right price on your home. Your agent will be able to inform you what comparative homes sold for. Most people will add a bargaining cushion to allow for the difference between the price offered and the price the seller is willing to accept. Other factors will be the homes age and condition. If you’d like to see how much your home is worth in Anchorage, use our free home valuation tool:

What Is My Alaska Home Worth?

How long will it take to sell my home on average?

Many variables impact the time it takes to sell a home. The present economy, price, condition, and location of the home all play a part. The one way to get the best input is to have your agent do a comparative market analysis on your home. They will look at homes in your price range, along with similar amenities, and they will be able to give you a good estimate on the approximate amount of time it will take your home to sell.

What factors affect the sale of my home?

Naturally, it is the price that will first attract the prospective buyer. The second most important factor will be the condition of the home and what the buyer feels they are getting for their money. Location also plays a key role in home sales as well.

What should I do to get my home ready to sell?

If your home is in need of repair get it done before you place the home on the market. A bad roof can be a deal breaker for instance. Cracked or heaving sidewalks are considered an accident waiting to happen, so be sure they are in good condition. Replace any loose or broken glass, check the plumbing for any leaks, and give the interior and exterior a new coat of paint if needed.

When all of these items have been checked out, it is time to ‘stage’ the premises. This is nothing more than making the home attractive to a buyer. You want them to feel that living there is something they can see themselves doing. This includes making the exterior of the home inviting. The exterior includes garages and any outbuildings you may have on the property.

Selling Your Home in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, Alaska is nothing short of a beautiful city in which to live. Make your home so enticing to all prospective buyers you will have them bidding against one another to own the home you have for sale. To learn more about selling your home in Anchorage, read our free home seller’s eBook:

Home Seller's eBook in Anchorage AK