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12 Tips to Selling Your Anchorage Home Before the Holidays

Frosty winter snow has fallen on Anchorage, but don’t worry if you need to sell your home before the holidays. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa can bring you a buyer if you follow these tips for just 12 short days:

Sell Your Anchorage AK Home

Day 1 – Find a Licensee and See How They Can Sell Your Home

During this sluggish time of year, it makes sense to find a professional to help you sell your home. A professional agent will know exactly what it takes to market and sell your home in the Anchorage area. Interview a couple agents and see how they can market your home.

Day 2 – See What Your Home is Worth

Before you can decide on a listing price for your home, you need to see how much it is worth. There are a variety of factors that determine a home’s value, including current market conditions and recent home sales. Your agent should discuss all these things with you and show you a comparative market analysis. This report will reveal recently sold homes and their prices (compared to your home). From there, you can get an estimate at how much your home is worth.

Day 3 – Decide on a Listing Price

On day 3, you and your family will need to decide on a listing price for your home. You should use the research you learned from evaluating how much your property is worth and price it competitively. Make sure to also leave wriggle room for negotiations with buyers.

What Is My Alaska Home Worth?

Day 4 – Make any Necessary Repairs

On day 4, it’s time to make any necessary repairs to your house. Buyers are looking for properties in good condition, not fixer uppers. Get your home in shipshape condition. A fresh coat of paint is a cheap investment that will speed your sale. If your home is move-in ready, it will appeal to a larger group of buyers.

Day 5 – Clear the Clutter in Each Room

Clutter means one thing to home buyers: Not enough space. If your home is overstuffed with junk or if toys are scattered across the bedroom floor, it will leave a negative impression on buyers. Start by clearing up any stuff you don’t want or re-packaging items as gifts for this holiday season. Minimize kitchen appliances, such as toasters, on the counters and store personal hygiene products (rather them leave them cluttering the sink space). Let buyers see the whole house, rather than the things you have.

Day 6 – Arrange Furniture in a Way That Sells

Every room has a focal point, whether it’s your living room’s fireplace or your bedroom’s king-sized bed. Your furniture should “support the focal point” by creating a visual atmosphere that appeals to buyers. Place bigger furniture items along the wall, so they don’t subtract from your room’s space and utilize any natural light. You want to make sure there’s enough flow between furniture to provide buyers an easy way of moving around the house when touring.

Day 7 – Stage the Bathroom

Give the bathroom a deep cleaning and make it sparkle. If anything is out dated or needs replacing, do so. Add a couple fresh towels and candles to help stage the bathroom and make it more appealing to buyers.

Day 8 – Stage the Kitchen

Buyers are concerned about 2 things in the kitchen: counter space and appliances. Highlight the ample amount of space by removing any unnecessary items from the counters. Instead, make it look appealing by showcasing a bow of fruit and a cookbook stand. Your fridge should be void of any children drawing and magnets, as buyers want to visualize themselves living there, not you.

Day 9 – Enhance the Curb Appeal

As Christmas approaches, daylight hours are short in Anchorage. Brighten your home by adding elegant white lights to your shrubs and trees. Keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice. The front yard is where buyers will get the first impression of your house. Make it a good one!

Day 10 – Add Seasonal Touches

Everyone is in the holiday mood. Use that to your advantage and add a couple of seasonal touches to your home, like wreaths on the front door or scented candles. By appealing to their holiday emotions, you can win them over.

Day 11 – Prepare and Host an Open House

Plan and set a date for an open house, so buyers can tour your home. Let the agent do all the talking and get feedback from buyers. To host an attractive open house, prepare a few snacks for guests, so they stay longer. Turn on all the lights and play soft music in the background. You want buyers to get the feeling that this is their home.

Day 12 – Review Feedback from the Open House

If you haven’t received any offers on your home, then you and your agent can review the feedback from the open house you hosted. There you’ll see what issues buyers had with your property and you can fix them. From there, adjust your marketing strategy and get your home sold before the holidays!

Selling Your Home in Anchorage, AK

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