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Monthly Archives: January 2014

    Closing Cost Basics | Anchorage Real Estate

    By Natalie Elder | January 24, 2014

    Closing costs are one of the most commonly misunderstood costs associated with buying a home. These costs which are levied by third parties and lenders are a necessary part of the home buying process. Understanding how much you will pay in closing costs is key to budgeting and saving for your down payment and home... Read More

    Buying a Home in the Winter

    By Natalie Elder | January 22, 2014

    Alaskan winters are cold. We all know that, but what makes the winter such a good time to buy a home? For the majority of home buyers, we tend to wait out the colder season and start searching for our next home during the spring. In fact, it’s one of the busiest times in real... Read More

    How Much Home Can You Afford in Anchorage?

    By Natalie Elder | January 21, 2014

    As you begin your search for your next home, there has probably been a recurring question popping up in your mind: How much can I afford? A lot of us think the price tag listed for the house is all there is to buying a house, but there a number of things to consider, such... Read More

    House Hunting Tips to Help You Find the Right Home

    By Natalie Elder | January 17, 2014

    Home is more than where the heart is, it is where a family finds comfort, happiness, and security. Creating a home requires some intuitiveness and persistence, and house hunting can be difficult and challenging if you don’t have a plan. Without an idea of how you will evaluate the houses you view, you can quickly... Read More

    How & Why You Should Get Pre-Approved for Your Mortgage (Anchorage, AK)

    By Natalie Elder | January 15, 2014

    If you are looking to buy a home in Anchorage there are many things you need to do. The home burying process is time consuming and complex. It may take months to find a house that you want to live in. The best way to be ready to make an offer that the seller takes... Read More

    5 Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid in Anchorage, AK

    By Natalie Elder | January 10, 2014

    With rising inventories and plans to raise mortgage rates in 2014, home buyers have more than enough incentive to find a home in Anchorage now, rather than later. However, as you begin your search for your next dream home, there a number of common mistakes we’ve noticed among buyers — that usually result in headaches... Read More

    New Year Resolutions for Your Alaskan Home

    By Natalie Elder | January 8, 2014

    If you live in Anchorage, AK, you can come up with many different home resolutions for New Years. By improving your home, you can make it a more enjoyable place to live while raising its value. There are plenty of choices out there from remodeling your kitchen to improving your air quality. Update Your Kitchen... Read More

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