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8050 Pioneer Drive, #707, Anchorage, AK 99504


The city of Anchorage is becoming an increasingly popular destination for many different kinds of people. Families seem to enjoy the city because it has many great schools and amenities that they will enjoy.

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Young professionals enjoy the city because it has great career opportunities that are available to them. You will want to check out this property listing because it can actually be perfect for just about anyone.

It will put people in the center of this bustling community, which means they will have access to everything that they need here. Most people will likely want to do a little more research on this property, so feel free to read through.

Basics of This Property

This property is a townhouse style condo that features plenty of space available for its residents. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, so just about any family will find themselves at home here.

The townhouse itself features around 1,377 square feet inside of it. Therefore, you can feel comfortable, spread out and enjoy your stay here. This is a spacious and accommodating piece of property that will meet the needs of just about anyone. It is located within a complex, so owners can expect to have many things handled for them while they live here.


Details About The Community

Everyone will want to head to this community when they realize what it has to offer to its residents. There are a number of great schools in the area that offer top quality educational opportunities for kids.

Many people will also be interested to know that the local community has low crime rates and upwardly mobile people. This means that you can expect to feel safe if you decide that you should move here. Most people who move to this area will say that it really does feel like a community setting.

Purchasing This Property

You will want to work with a realty expert if you want to purchase this property anytime soon. Some people may be curious about the final price tag that they can expect to pay.

It has actually retained a relatively low value compared to many other properties in the area, so you can expect to get a good price tag on this unit. Don’t forget that you will need to pay association fees, since this unit is part of a larger complex. These fees will pay for a lot of different services, including some grounds maintenance costs.

Living In The Anchorage Area

Many potential residents may be interested in learning about the different amenities that are associated with staying in Anchorage. It is the largest city of Alaska, so you can expect to get access to many things that you could not find elsewhere in the state.

You might also be interested to know that you will have access to the city’s international airport, in case you want to fly to visit relatives. You can expect much more if you are adventurous enough to come here.

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