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Agent Spotlight: Annie Bjerkestrand

We sat down with RMG Listing Specialist, Annie Bjerkestrand, to discuss her roles within our offices, passions regarding real estate in the Anchorage area and her views on the future of the real estate industry:

Q: How did you get started in the real estate business and what motivated you to join the industry?
A: I was inspired to be a Realtor because there are so many possibilities open to people when they have quality, educated guidance. There are so many creative ways to help people sell there homes quicker and for more money.
Everyone is selling a home for a reason; pay for a wedding, retire, to upgrade, because they’re expecting a baby, because they’re investing for their future. Being able to help people make their goals a reality has become my passion. 
Q: What are some of your ambitions or goals to achieve in the real estate industry?
A: There are so many areas of this industry that haven’t been pushed to it’s max and I would like to do that. All of my training and education is geared towards lowering days on market, how to maximize the clients equity and the quickest way to get the client from point A to point B in their lives.
Time is costly and the phrase “it just takes time” will never cross my lips. There is strategy to success and that is what I offer my clients; a plan of attack.

Q: Are there any real estate myths you feel should be debunked and passed along to your community?
A: If there was one real estate myth that should be debunked it’s that selling your home yourself saves you money or time. It’s comparable to representing yourself in court. There are folks that pull it off and the vast majority pay for it.
Q: When you’re not navigating the world of real estate, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
A: I’m a big family person. When I’m not with a clients family I’m with my own. Family is like a team, the more time you spend together the stronger you are.

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