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    Are Open Houses Still Relevant?

    The advent of the internet has changed the way people shop for their home. Now that almost all listings are on the internet, buyers can see what the house looks like inside and out, as well as the location. There are those who believe that because listing information is so readily available, open houses are no longer necessary to sell a house. However, that is not necessarily the case. 

    Anchorage AK Real Estate

    Welcoming Buyers Into Your Home

    Buying a house is not just a financial decision; it is also an emotional decision. An open house appeals to the emotional side, which is a solid reason to market your home in this manner. The prospective buyers can look at the house in a casual fashion without being rushed, just to move on to the next appointment on the list. They can get a true feel for the home, and since most open houses span several hours they can come and go at their own pace. A practiced agent will be able to tell the interested buyers from those who are merely there for the refreshments, which will give them a chance to pursue the serious buyers over those who are wasting the time of the agent and the seller.

    Anchorage AK Real Estate

    Avoid Simple Open House Mistakes

    Be aware there are several mistakes which are easily avoidable. For instance, having pets at the house can be a big turn off for some buyers. If any odors exist beforehand they need to be dealt with immediately, whether they are due to a pet or other causes. Make sure you have a plan for where your pets will be in order for them to stay safe along with your open house visitors. Your home should be clean and both clutter and personal effects should be removed. The visiting buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your home and these things easily get in the way.

    Steps to Sell

    Staging your house can add so much appeal if done correctly. Your home needs to have a neutral feel so that potential buyers can envision themselves and their families in the home. Plants, local art and light refreshments are all wonderful accessories to add personality so let everything else including the decor remain relatively neutral.

    Careful planning is the main ingredient of a successful open house. Making sure that the house and yard are spotless, and that you and your pets find somewhere to go while your agent markets your home is a key factor for a successful open house. Open houses are still a viable method of selling a house, and should be used as a marketing tool if your home is in an area in which interested buyers look to these events. For more information on selling your home please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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