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    Extra Brilliant Tips for an Awesome Move

    By Natalie Elder | August 5, 2021

    In our previous blogs about moves, we’ve given you a lot of great tips and tricks to make things simple. But lo and behold, the internet has come through again with this amazing list of extra awesome tips for a seamless move. Take the tips or leave them, it’s up to you. Just don’t forget... Read More

    MOVING 101: Moving Hacks and Supplies

    By Natalie Elder | July 21, 2021

    As part of our series on moving tips, we thought it would be super useful to go through supplies you may need and some moving hacks you might not have thought of! Check out the lists below to make your move as seamless as possible, without having to run out again and again to buy... Read More

    Making the Move Less Stressful

    By Natalie Elder | July 3, 2021

    Moving. That can bring up a range of emotions. For some, they look forward to the days of prep work and boxing and then unpacking everything into their wonderful new home. For others, the deep dread that word brings up may cause an inability to function. Wherever you land in the spectrum of extreme reactions... Read More

    Spring Home Maintenance To Do’s

    By Natalie Elder | April 1, 2021

    Chirping birds? Sunshine into the evening? That extra pep in your step? All those things must mean one thing: IT’S SPRING! And with spring here, it’s time to make a plan to get your home ready for the summer. That way, you can spend all those summer moments enjoying them, instead of checking even more... Read More

    Seller Series: Preparing Your Home to Hit the Market

    By Natalie Elder | February 25, 2021

    Congratulations! You’ve chosen to sell your home. Here’s a very broad overview of the home selling process and what to expect. RMG Real Estate agents are available to go over this process in detail with you, and are there to assist you with any questions that may arise during this process. We love to help... Read More

    Seller Series: So you think you want to sell…. how do you hire an agent?

    By Natalie Elder | February 6, 2021

    Ah, the question that comes to many minds at some point in home ownership: should we sell our house? Let’s unpack this a bit. Looking at reasons to sell, there could be many, such as: The home is too small now. Had a couple babies that are now growing into humans that take up much... Read More

    Home Earthquake Preparedness

    By Natalie Elder | December 5, 2020

    As we’re thinking about the second anniversary of the 7.1 earthquake that shook most of South Central Alaska on November 30, 2018, we thought it would be wise to have a refresher on earthquake preparedness. Most of us have vivid memories of where we were, who we were with, and what we were doing on... Read More

    Economic uncertainty got you singing the blues? Excellent, then maybe it’s time to open a jazz bar.

    By Natalie Elder | August 17, 2016

    I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the state of the state economy, the national economy and the world economy for that matter. Uncertainty is in the air and it has a lot of people of various economic backgrounds and business owners/managers wondering what if anything should they do. The overwhelming trend... Read More

    Preparing Your Home For Selling: Professional Staging

    By Natalie Elder | June 27, 2016

    Submitted by Annie Bjerkestrand, Listing Agent and Team Lead for RMG Real Estate, Anchorage So, you’ve decided to sell. That’s great! We have plenty of tips for sellers in our blog archives (click link here)! In addition to our other tips, one of the most underrated resources for sellers is using a professional stager. We at RMG... Read More

    Anchorage Residents Have No Idea the Real Estate Market Is Doing This: Comparing Today’s 2016 Market to 2015 Market

    By Natalie Elder | June 15, 2016

    I can hardly believe we are nearly halfway through the year, and it got me thinking: What is in store for our real estate market in the remaining half of 2016? To be honest, I try not to speculate too much, and unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball, so your guess has a... Read More

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