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Featured Neighborhood – O’Malley – Anchorage, AK

The O’Malley/Huffman neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska is a urban neighborhood. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with around 300,000 residents, more than 40 percent of the state’s total population. Residents of O’Malley have access to the retail and commercial areas of the cities.

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There are various indoor and outdoor entertainment opportunities in the neighborhood. A variety of educational choices are also available to residents. O’Malley/Huffman has a variety of subdivisions to choose from.



The AT&T Sports Pavilion is located in this neighborhood. It has facilities for a variety of sports, including soccer and baseball. There are also areas for a variety of indoor sports.

Anchorage boasts several institutions focused on providing cultural entertainments. The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts hosts a variety of events including an ice carving competition. There are orchestras and a concert association that hosts Broadway shows.

O'Malley - Anchorage, AK

Local museums provide educational exhibits for residents. Some museums are focused on the native populations of Alaska. Others concentrate on items pertaining to natural history.


Alaska is filled with beautiful scenery and parks. In O’Malley there are two parks; Bob and Arlene Cross Park and Hamilton Park. Both parks have play equipment that can be used by young children, basketball courts, and picnic tables. Bob and Arlene Cross Park also has a horse-riding ring, a sports field, and a hiking/biking trail.

Another outdoor attraction in this neighborhood is the Alaska Zoo. The zoo was founded in 1969 as a place where orphaned and injured animals could be rehabilitated.

There are currently around 100 animals and 30 species represented at the zoo. Most species are Alaska natives but there are some exotic species.


Residents of O’Malley have numerous educational choices. Two schools are located in the neighborhood; Goldenview Junior High School and South High School. There are four higher education institutions in Anchorage; University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, Charter College, and Wayland Baptist University. Parents who prefer their children to be in a private school have a variety of religious and non-denominational schools to choose from.


Anchorage has several excellent hospitals. Providence Alaska Medical Center is Alaska’s largest hospital. Alaska Regional Hospital is the home of the city’s health department. The Alaska Native Medical Center provides care for the native Alaskan tribes.


Anchorage has excellent transportation systems in place. There is a highway system leading to various parts of the state. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the world’s third largest cargo transport station. Anchorage also posts several general aviation airports and the world’s largest seaplane base.

The Alaska Railroad transports cargo and people around the state. There are also bus and carpool services for the general public and a special point-to-point transport service for seniors and disabled residents.

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