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How to Lose a Buyer in Ten Days

Selling your home comes with a lists of dos and don’ts. Just like a relationship there are red flags and breaking points for buyers looking for their next place to call home.  We took a little inspiration from Kate Hudson in her role as Andie Anderson in the movie How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days to bring you a list of things that are sure to lose buyers’ interest in your home. Take this list and our tips to avoid them in order to attract buyers and hold their attention.

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1. Overload Your Home With  Personal Effects

Too many personal memories and nick nacks are sure to send buyers straight for the door.  When buyers walk through your house, they want to imagine living there. Put away your old photos and family treasures and let those buyers picture their own things around the house. Be sure to remove clutter and consider putting some items in storage in order to provide a more simple, spacious feel.

2. Let Fluffy Rule Your Home

If you have pets, don’t leave them at home when your real estate agent is showing your home. Pets can be extremely distracting and can often be unpredictable. Letting Fluffy rule your home is sure to turn many buyers away. So find a pet sitter, and let those buyers focus on checking out the property.

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3. Tell A Few Little White Lies

While highlighting the best features of your house can help you make a sale, you want to be honest about its less than great features. Let buyers know if you’ve had problems with the Homeowners Association, see animals in your backyard or have a basement that floods during storms. They’ll appreciate your honesty and can plan for the future with all the cards on the table.

4. Neglect Curb Appeal & Let Your “Love Fern” Die

If the exterior of your home is in less than perfect shape, it may be time to give your home a little extra attention. Boost your curb appeal with a little landscaping, some new flowers and a few pieces of patio furniture. Be sure to maintain any plants, the last thing you want is for dead plants to be a turn off for potential buyers.

5. Embrace the Clutter

Buyers often look through cabinets, closets and other organizational pieces to see if your home has enough storage for their stuff. Getting rid of your clutter makes those areas look even larger and more useful.

6. Forget the Gutters

A single plant growing out of your gutter can significantly decrease your curb appeal. When hiring a landscaping crew, ask them to clean your gutters too.

7. Stick Around

There may be nothing worse than a stage 5 home selling clinger. No one wants to look at a house for sale with the seller breathing down his or her neck. When you host an open house or schedule a showing, leave your home in the hands of your agent and take a break.

8. Bugs? What Bugs?

Let a professional exterminator handle the ants, fleas and any other insects or rodents living in your home. Nothing will send a buyer flying through the front door faster than seeing a mice or cockroach run across the floor.

9. Disregard Home Staging

Neglecting to spend time making your home look appealing will land you on buyers’ “no” list. Make your house appeal to the type of buyers interested in living in Anchorage.  For example,  arrange a display of lift tickets with your boots and skis or snowboard near the front door, or show off some of your camping gear in the garage. Those small touches will make buyers imagine themselves engaging in your favorite hobby.

10. Ignore Smells

The same scents that you smell every day can turn off a buyer in seconds. Whether it’s urine odors left behind by pets, a musty smell in your closet or the scent of a potent dinner hanging in the air, inhale deeply and get rid of those scents before opening your house to buyers.

Don’t let another potential buyer walk out your door without making an offer first. With the right landscaping, staging and real estate professional, you’ll make buyers want to put in an offer on the spot. Please let us know if you have any questions about selling your home, we would love to help!

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