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    Preparing Your Home For Selling: Professional Staging

    By Natalie Elder | June 27, 2016

    Submitted by Annie Bjerkestrand, Listing Agent and Team Lead for RMG Real Estate, Anchorage So, you’ve decided to sell. That’s great! We have plenty of tips for sellers in our blog archives (click link here)! In addition to our other tips, one of the most underrated resources for sellers is using a professional stager. We at RMG... Read More

    Anchorage Residents Have No Idea the Real Estate Market Is Doing This: Comparing Today’s 2016 Market to 2015 Market

    By Natalie Elder | June 15, 2016

    I can hardly believe we are nearly halfway through the year, and it got me thinking: What is in store for our real estate market in the remaining half of 2016? To be honest, I try not to speculate too much, and unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball, so your guess has a... Read More

    How to Pass a Home Inspection

    By Natalie Elder | May 23, 2016

    Presented by HouseMaster Home Inspections Actually, it’s a misconception to think of a home inspection as a “pass” or fail test. Rather, a home inspection is an assessment of the condition of the major accessible elements of the home by a professionally trained inspector. Issues may arise based on a buyer’s specific concerns regarding the... Read More

    A First Time Home Buyer’s Guide to Buying Real Estate

    By Natalie Elder | December 28, 2015

    Congratulations – You are ready to begin the home buying process! Whatever you’ve been dreaming of, whether it’s that castle in Ireland, a private island in the Caribbean perfect for building the perfect mansion or maybe something a little more realistic like a three bedroom, two bath in a specific neighborhood, the team here at... Read More

    Selling Your Home in the “Off-Season”

    By Natalie Elder | November 30, 2015

    First things first, sellers. Take a good, long hard look at yourself in the mirror. You see what is staring back at you? That’s a winner! That’s a person that CAN SELL their home in the real estate off-season. Nay – that is a person that HAS NO OFF SEASON. Such confidence. Okay, now that... Read More

    Advantages of Working with RMG Real Estate Experts

    By Natalie Elder | October 26, 2015

    Real estate is a complicated business. A million details must be handled on a timely basis in order to provide the quality of service you deserve. Our team’s professional input will help you “search the world over” for the home of your dreams. The Reed Moore Group (RMG) has developed their own marketing plan and... Read More

    Prep Your Home for Winter

    By Natalie Elder | September 24, 2015

    Hello fall in Alaska! It’s brisk and the wind has a chill to it that isn’t always welcome. The leaves are falling.  The rain coats are out in full force. There’s even some termination dust (aka snow) on the peaks of the mountains surrounding Anchorage and the Valley. And for the fall die-hards, Starbucks has... Read More

    Save The Date: Fall 2014 Harvest Appreciation Party

    By Natalie Elder | November 4, 2014

    [RSVP To Our 3rd Annual Pie Party] RMG Real Estate Experts invites past and present clients to their Fall Harvest Appreciation Party. The 3rd Annual Pie Party will be hosted on Tuesday, November 25 from 12pm to 1:30pm and 4pm to 7pm. The RMG Real Estate Experts team will be giving away pies to show... Read More

    Anchorage, AK Market Update: Monthly Overview

    By Natalie Elder | October 11, 2014

    RMG Real Estate Experts Market Update In order to keep you up-to-date on the most important information in the real estate world today, we provide monthly videos capturing a snapshot of the real estate market in our area. These videos are filled to the brim with info directly related to your real-time home buying and selling... Read More

    Everyone in Alaska is $1,884 Richer

    By Natalie Elder | October 3, 2014

    It’s Time to Invest. Search Homes For Sale in Alaska! Real Estate Stands Out as Top Return on Investment If the wild frontier and cool weather aren’t enticing enough, our permanent Alaska residents are at least $1,884 richer as the Alaska Permanent Fund rolls out checks to many eligible residents. Almost all residents – babies... Read More

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