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Selling Your Home in the “Off-Season”

First things first, sellers. Take a good, long hard look at yourself in the mirror. You see what is staring back at you? That’s a winner! That’s a person that CAN SELL their home in the real estate off-season. Nay – that is a person that HAS NO OFF SEASON. Such confidence.

Okay, now that we have the positive self-talk out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of selling your beautiful home that so many buyers currently looking, or not currently but will be looking once they see all of your home’s amazing qualities, will want to put an offer on. Your friendly neighborhood grocer, all I see in her is a potential buyer. Get the drift? Positive thinking goes a long way, friends.

And here are some actual, tangible tips to help bring in an offer in the October – January time frame, commonly mistaken as an “off-season” for real estate 🙂

  1. Interview and hire a reputable listing agent that knows your area and real estate market well. We had to put this in here, we’re a real estate team for crying out loud! Call (907) 562-INFO (4636) to speak with one of the RMG Real Estate team members so we can put you in touch with a great listing agent for your area. And yes, they know your market VERY well. Ultimately, the choice is yours for what realtor you feel will best represent you and we would love a chance to interview.
  1. Check off the fall home to-do list and get your gutters cleaned, chimney swept, heating systems checked, annual septic pump, etc. Oh, and conveniently, RMG Real Estate Experts has a great blog post about prepping your home for winter! Check out the tips at
  1. Clean up outside. We don’t have the luxury of those beautiful green lawns, trees full of leaves and all of your hanging flower baskets operating at maximum curb appeal at this time of the year. The least we can do is bag up the piles of leaves we raked one day and said we’d get back to cleaning up later after our favorite fall TV show was over. It happens. Some other recommended outdoor areas to spruce up would be your flower beds or gardens (no remnants of what once was, dead flowers just make people sad), aerate the lawn, weed out any cracks in the driveway that decided to host some foliage this summer, trimming bushes, etc. You get the picture. Curb appeal is important and can be a great family bonding experience for the kids (at least that’s what we try to tell them.)
  1. Stage your home appropriately for the season. Break out the red, orange, and yellow décor. Don’t forget the bare birch twigs, burlap and pumpkin-spice candles (shout out to the pumpkin spice latte!) I would recommend staying away from your spookiest Halloween decorations (don’t want to scare the children), but some nice harvest décor can go a long way to get the buyers envisioning themselves living in this lovely home perfect for holiday decorations.

Alright, how do you feel about these tips? We feel like winners (see first paragraph.) We feel like with these tips, you are going to get so many offers, it will just be incredible! We feel like your friendly neighborhood grocer will be so happy in her new home. We know you can sell your home and we want to help in any way possible! Except for raking, save that for building character in your kids 🙂

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