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What Buyers Want to Hear this Summer in Anchorage

Anchorage AK Real EstateIt’s easy, as a current homeowner, to get caught up in the selling process and forget important details such as storage, proximity and energy efficient features. Your real estate agent will catch these details and include them in their marketing and home descriptions, but it never hurts to get ahead of the game and have certain information at the ready for potential home buyer questions. Oftentimes having answers to common questions at the ready is a great way to keep buyers interested and wanting to know more about your property in particular. 

Proximity to Amenities

Are you within walking distance of a park or down town shopping area? Note commute times to major areas of town and leave this information for incoming buyers. Do you live in a neighborhood known for its gardens or historic homes? Make sure to mention these details as well.

Senior-Friendly Features

Many homeowners don’t realize that their home may be perfect for seniors looking for a place to retire or future homeowners who would like to spend several years in a home without moving. Master bedrooms on the main floor, walk-in showers and open living spaces both in and outdoors are big bonuses for buyers looking for homes with age-in-place features. Low maintenance yards and in-law suits fit the same bill. They are the perfect elements to market right now. If you are considering renovations before you sell, make sure senior-friendly options are on your list.

Energy Efficient Features

Buyers might not be specifically looking to purchase an energy efficient home, but many energy efficient features act as added bonuses, and are important to point out the savings in particular. If you have a tankless water heater, new installation or dual pained windows, you’ll want to mention not only that they exist, but the savings as a result of these features. Not only are these elements good for the environment, they’re also easy on your wallet. And if there’s one thing home buyers like to hear, it’s that the home they’re buying doesn’t require exponential energy bills.

Green Building Materials

In the same vein, many sellers neglect to mention a home’s “green” features. Do you have a garden where you grow herbs and vegetables? It’s worth a mention. Do you compost or have a rainwater collecting system? Even buyers not necessarily looking to for “green” features will appreciate these aspects of your home, and might even see them as something your house has that another does not.

Organized Storage Space

A lot of sellers underestimate how important storage really is. So many homes have little storage space, so if you’ve got a huge attic, or an extra room in the garage devoted entirely to storing your boxes, you should make sure to keep it expertly organized. All closets and storage spaces, including the garage should be organized down the last detail with extra room left on shelving in order to show off the amount of space. Low budget updates such as closet organizational systems make a huge difference in the long run.

So remember, if you’re selling your home, try to think of some of the reasons you fell in love with it, and the great updates you made along the way. These features and information make your home stand out to buyers searching for unique aspects and long term investment. If you have any questions about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you need to fill in the blanks of the selling process, please take a look at our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home:

Anchorage AK Real Estate

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