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Why You Should Move to Anchorage, AK

With a population of more than 100,000 people, Anchorage is the largest city in the state and one of the largest cities in the northwest. Located within driving distance of Canada, the city has a friendly and welcoming feel. Though the city has a long winter that can last for eight months or longer, those who love the great outdoors enjoy the ample opportunities for skiing and other winter fun. If you’re thinking about moving to Anchorage, just check out some of the city’s great features.

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Neighbors Who Care

While you won’t find any city in the United States where you can leave your door unlocked or fall asleep without worrying that you forgot to lock your car doors, Anchorage does come close to making you feel that way. The city boasts a number of different neighborhoods and communities, and each of those areas have a different feel. You’ll find welcoming faces and friendly neighbors anywhere you go.

Nature Right Outside Your Door

Have you ever wished that you could look out your window and see a moose stopping to nibble on a shrub outside your door? If so, then moving to Anchorage is a great choice for you. Bears, moose and deer are just a few of the animal species that are common to the area. Don’t be surprised if you see some of those animals wandering through your yard.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Many people move to Anchorage simply because they love the great outdoors. The area boasts nearly 100 miles of trails for hikers, more than 20 hills devoted to sledding and hundreds of miles of biking trails. If you love skiing or snowboarding, you’ll love knowing that you can strap on your skis or board and hit the trails nearly every day of the year. When the temperatures warms up a bit, you can spend the day fishing at the lake or hiking through the hills, and many locals also love hitting the ice skating rinks.

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Low Cost of Living

Anchorage is home to a number of military personnel, but others move to the area because of the low cost of living. While a two-bedroom apartment in New York City or San Francisco might cost you $2,000 or more, you can find similar apartments in Anchorage priced at $1,500 or less. Some people might find that housing is more expensive than what they would pay for a similar home in their own hometown, but those people also find that other items cost less in the city. Groceries, restaurants and even takeout pizza places generally charge less.

Higher Salaries

Doctors and nurses flock to Anchorage because hospitals and medical offices offer higher salaries than other cities do. These medical offices need workers who can travel deep into the wilderness and provide regular help and support for those who don’t have access to clinics or hospitals. Many other professions also come with higher salaries than you might find in other areas, giving you just one more great reason to move to Anchorage.

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