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Homer, AK

Homer, Alaska

Homer is in Kenai Peninsula Borough, making it one of the most unique places in the world to live. This place is located towards southern Alaska near the gulf. People come here to retire or raise a new family. The coal and fishing industries are big in this state and offer many jobs for people to obtain. This has always been a thriving area to live in with much excitement all throughout the year.
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Enjoy Homer, AK

Bear viewing, fishing, shopping and kayaking are but some of the great things you can do in Homer, Alaska. The next time you are interested in watching a bear and catching dinner for yourself make sure to pay this place a visit. What’s great about Homer is that if you live in the area then you can do all of these activities and so much more all throughout the year.

Homer, AK

Imagine being able to catch your own fish on a regular basis. There are shops and plenty of entertainment to enjoy as well. Musicians from all over the world come to Homer to entertain the residents. Another great activity offered in Homer is the flight seeing.

You can take a ride in a small plane to get a better view of the town, water and the beautiful landscape of the area. If you prefer the water over flying then rest assured, there are boat tours that will take you around the area as well.

Homer, Alaska Weather

Do you hate long hot summers? In Homer, Alaska you do not have to sit around baking all summer long. During the summer months of the year the temperature is relatively cool. This makes it easy to complete daily activities without feeling drained by the sun. You might think that winters are extremely cold, but this isn’t the case.

The subarctic climate makes it snow in the area, but you won’t get freezing temperatures. In this part of Alaska you get to enjoy the summers without all the hear and the snow in winter without the harsh cold. This is truly a one of a kind location.

Something For Everyone In Homer, Alaska

Those interested in wine will have a great time in Homer. There is a winery, brewery and even a meadery. People in the neighborhood love to come together and enjoy a fine glass or two of wine and selected beverages. The brewers put their hearts into everything they make so the whole town can enjoy themselves. The views in the town are amazing, places such as the Kachemak Bay offer great aesthetic views for you to sit, relax and enjoy yourself.
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