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North Kenai, AK

North Kenai, AK

North Kenai, Alaska is within one of the largest cities in Kenai Peninsula Borough. It is located on the west of Kenai Peninsula near the outlet of Kenai River to the Cook Inlet on the Pacific Ocean.

This city has cool summers and a long season of snow during winter. People from all over the world visit this destination because of its historical landmarks and enriching activities that the community offers. If you love skiing and want to wake-up with a picturesque view of snowy mountains, then you should try looking into properties in this location.
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North Kenai, Alaska: Living Within a Tourist Destination

One of the most visited landmarks in this area is the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. This attraction houses a collection of local history and artifacts. Other landmarks include Old Town Kenai, Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church, Kenai River Flats/Birding Platform, and Captain Cook State Park.

North Kenai, AK

A weekend trip with your family to these landmarks will not only be fun but it will also be educational. Another good thing about these places is that most of them are free or have a very minimal fee. There is no need to spend a lot money to have a quality outing with your family.

There are also a number of events that your family can enjoy such as the Celebration of Wildlife Art Summer Show where wildlife paintings are featured by top American wildlife artists. The Kenai Peninsula Bird Festival attracts invite bird experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge.

The Kenai Peninsula Air Fair runs fun flights in 8 different airports and host a barbeque at the end of the fair. During the Kenai Fourth of July Parade, people gather to enjoy food and fireworks that is provided for the whole community.

There is also the Kenai River Marathon which is held to collect funds to improve city parks and organize activities for the community.

In addition, a walking tour near the community will show you great views of active volcanoes. These volcanoes include Mount Augustine, Mount Iliamna, Mount Redoubt, and Mount Spurr.

However, if you love to camp, then Captain Cook State Recreation Area is a good place to go. Other activities you may enjoy could be watching a Peninsula Oilers baseball game or golfing at Kenai Golf Course.

North Kenai, Alaska: A Cultural Experience

Living in North Kenai, Alaska is an excellent choice for those who love community-based events, fun activities, and breathtaking views. If you love culture and want to be a part of a community that gives importance to culture, then North Kenai is great place to invest and settle down. As most of the residents call this place, it is a village with a past but also a city with a future.


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