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Chugiak, Alaska Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in Chugiak, AK!

Chugiak, AK

What can you expect from living in Chugiak, Alaska? You can expect the world at your fingertips. It is a place that has the commodities of a city nearby with shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, wonderful boutiques and the majesty of the Alaskan lands and beauty. Our Chugiak realtors can show you beautiful houses and homes for sale in the area that capture the essence of Alaska.

Life in Chugiak, Alaska

You can also find beautiful, organic, and locally grown produce in their Farmer’s Market, or you can drive to Cottonwood Creek Farm to look at goats be fed. They will be fed grass or alfalfa during the winter months.

Organically derived minerals are what these goats are given and would you like to know why? Because the people at Cottonwood Creek Farm would only like to offer you the best Raw Goat Milk possible because it is what you and your family deserves. There are great fresh and free-ranged eggs available nearby, as well, which you can either get at the Farmer’s Market.

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There are great museums nearby, as well as great golf courses like the one in Anchorage which is nearby. Perhaps you would be interested in taking a stroll down the Eklutna Village Historic Park, where you can enjoy the scenery or walk down an old cemetery to pay respect to those whose years are now eternal. Our real estate services in Chugiak can help you find the perfect home for sale near the comforts and amenities the town offers.

Or perhaps you might be interested in something a little more on the strange side? What about driving to the Gateway to Darkness, which is a professional haunted house to curl your nerves just a little bit.

Most people are about 40 years old; the average household value is about 318,000, while the average household income is about 93,000. To discuss your budget and if it is perfect for you, call our realtors in Chugiak. Oh and it should be mentioned that you can go to Anchorage, which is nearby to check out their 3 pound Burger! Although the burger can feed up to at least 3 people, you are still welcomed to try alone.

Chugiak Schools

Chugiak, AK is made up of great schools. One school to mention is one that has received accolades from the district and scored a 10 on the Great Schools scale.  That school is Homestead Elementary School. Teachers and staff are committed to excellence, which trickles down and benefits your children.

Another school to mention is Mirror Lake Middle School, which is reflecting the dreams of the parents for their children. The school scored an 8 on the Great School scale. Most parents are quite happy with the education that their children are receiving in that school.

Chugiak High School should be mentioned as well, scoring a 9 on the scale and being the pride of the community. Their football and baseball teams are something to be reckoned with it, not to mention having a pretty effecting curriculum.

They have great clubs available for your young, as well, like the science fiction club, or the Science Olympiad club. Do you think that Chugiak in Alaska would have the opportunity to honor you with their city? To amaze you and your young? To educate and let you see the majesty of the natural lands of Alaska? They certainly hope so. If you would like more information about the real estate services offered to Chugiak, call one of our realtors today!

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