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East Anchorage, Alaska Real Estate

East Anchorage, AK

A city in south-central Alaska that hosts a big chunk of the state’s total population, Anchorage sits just below the Chugach Mountains. One of America’s most scenic states, Anchorage also offers view of at least six other mountain ranges.

Always associated with snow and ice, Alaskan winters can actually be milder than those in New England and the Midwest. While it does have a culturally diverse population and some of the priciest rental properties in the United States, East Anchorage residents tend to prefer flannel and jeans to designer gear.

Nature Life: East Anchorage

There’s no point in buying property in East Anchorage if you don’t love being surrounded by nature. It doesn’t matter if you live in a newly constructed multilevel in Hillside or high rise downtown, there will come that day when you sight a deer or moose crossing the parking lot as you load groceries into your trunk.

Just north of Anchorage are the popular trails of Far North Bicentennial Park, a 4000-acre natural reserve that receives about a million visitors annually. Face any direction in East Anchorage though, and you will find the fishing, hiking or cross-country skiing spot of your wildest fantasies.

East Anchorage, AK Homes

Properties in East Anchorage come in all sizes and offer an interesting mix of architecture. Hillside East homes often have large windows that provide generous views of the magnificent Alaskan horizon. Evergreens loom everywhere.

Their towering green presence give winding residential streets a touch of drama as well as privacy. Unlike some cities in the United States where there are a glut of high-end properties for sale, homes in the million dollar range in the East Anchorage area generally tend to sell within a month or two.

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East Anchorage’s unique Eskimo heritage and rustic surroundings do give it its unique personality, but it is still a neighborhood in a major city that offers an array of dining, drinking and entertainment.

Microbreweries abound, so you will find a wealth of cozy pubs and restaurants to partake in the passionate beer tasting and crafting culture that Anchorage is known for. Expect to add wines made from area berries to your cellar. There are a variety of museums, seasonal festivals and fairs you and your family can attend too.


Anchorage is not often thought of as a college town, but it is home to many great institutions of higher education. The University of Alaska has the area’s largest student population. A college that offers undergrad and graduate-level degrees in every major imaginable, it attracts students from around the world.

Alaska Pacific University is another important academic hub that offers degrees in the arts and sciences. From parochial to charter schools who serve key interests and members of the community, the Anchorage K-12 system offers a family a wide spectrum of choices.


Anchorage has an educated population. The rate of those employed is higher than in many U.S. states, and some might describe the Anchorage area job market as healthier than most.

Sectors that offer the most lucrative salaries include transportation and oil. Because East Anchorage is in a part of the U.S. that is such a magnet for tourism, many make their living in the hospitality industry.


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