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Girdwood, Alaska Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in Girdwood, AK!

Girdwood, AK

Alaska is one of the few remaining great frontiers in the United States. Its natural beauty and vast wilderness have made it the subject of many a camera lens and backdrop for numerous film projects. Just 36 miles south of Anchorage, Girdwood reinforces the wilderness mystic with its natural beauty.


Girdwood is located in the Chugach Mountains and is known for great summer activity. Residents and visitor can enjoy amazing hikes, excellent fishing, canoeing and a host of fun activities throughout the summer.

Girdwood is also known for its exceptional downhill and cross country skiing. Snowboarding is also a winter time staple and provides hours of fun for athletes of varying skill levels.

Things to Do in Girdwood, Alaska

Residents can constantly renew their appreciation for Girdwood and the surrounding wilderness with weekly helicopter tours. However, adventures can be made more personal with one on one paragliding tours that provide a 360 degree view of nature and the smell of crisp, fresh air. Girdwood is more than wilderness, though. Its beauty can only be equaled by its taste for fine food. Our realtors in Girdwood have homes for sale near these adventure destinations, allowing everyday to be your own exciting experience.

From quaint eateries to fine dining, families can enjoy tastes to satisfy any palette. Meals are reasonably priced and are enjoyed in the ambiance of rustic to elegant settings. Restaurants cater to a variety of cultures and provide residents an array of dishes that expand the globe. Fine wines and dim lighting only enhance the dining experience set against mountainous backdrops.

Girdwood also provides residents with entertainment choices unique to this beautiful community. Special events throughout the summer include the National Trails Day Celebration, the Fiddlehead Festival, the Blueberry Festival and Oktoberfest to name a few. Events run throughout the summer and bring visitors near and far.

While each festival or event it unique, residents can enjoy arts and craft shows, diverse music, costumes and a celebration of the Alaskan culture. These events foster relationships in close knit communities and provide an invaluable education to the future of Girdwood.


Education in Girdwood is supported by schools that rank among the top for education prowess. Small class size promotes personal attention and an ideal environment for academic achievement. The school district encourages parental involvement and facilitates opportunities through regular meetings, programs and open house events. We provide real estate services throughout Girdwood, let our realtors know which district you would like to be in and we can find the house for you.

These opportunities allow parents the chance voice concerns, chart student progress and develop relationships with like-minded individuals who value education. This has consistently made Girdwood very attractive to those considering a home in this exquisite community.

Real Estate

The median household income of Girdwood is approximately $73,000. Its 2,200 residents demand more, have discriminating tastes and appreciate fine, architectural designs.

Homes are uniquely designed and intended to meet individual needs. Many properties are set against beautiful, emerald green landscapes that transform into equally beautiful winter, wonderlands as summer fades.

High ceilings, large, glass windows and elevated balconies allow the home owner to enjoy amazing views in front of cozy fireplaces or while entertaining friends. Residing in Girdwood is a true retreat that provides a vacation time atmosphere at the end of a long work day. Call our realtors in Girdwood to discuss the houses and homes for sale in the area.

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