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South Anchorage, Alaska Real Estate

South Anchorage, AK

South Anchorage is just the place for those who enjoy wildlife and dramatic natural beauty. This community promises clean air, great schools, abundant public services and a fabulous view at every turn. This area is utopia for the outdoor lover and it is a refined and developed city for the urban dweller.

Schools, Parks and Public Services

South Anchorage is beautiful, clean and full of quality. Parks, bike paths and nature areas are plentiful and accessible to everyone. The Anchorage School District which has an especially strong science and math curriculum has won many national awards and the class of 2013 has earned over $44,000,000 in scholarships.

Residence in South Anchorage is an especially good place for children to receive an outstanding K-12 education. The University of Alaska has a campus in Anchorage as well as the Alaska Pacific University and Alaska Career College.

South Anchorage Real Estate

Housing is more than adequate. Condominiums start at $60,000 and detached single family homes in good condition can be had for as little as $200,000. Most homes have views of the Chickaloon bay and everyone can look at the Chugach Mountains from either their front or rear yard.

Fabulous custom homes complete with airplane hangars and private docks are available in South Anchorage and are very expensive. It is extraordinary that they are available in this community as well as quality housing for middle class families.

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Climate and Recreation

The climate in this part of Alaska is actually quite moderate. Winter temperatures have a low of 20 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs reach 84 degrees. Overall, the climate compares with San Francisco.

The low humidity keeps it comfortable year round and is a contributing factor to the popularity of ongoing outdoor activities. Hiking trails, fishing spots and bird sanctuaries are within the neighborhood.

Groomed trails for skiing and snowboarding are minutes away. An after dinner hike delivers a breathtaking view of the city. The dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis are frequent occurrences that enhance night time walks. For those who desire less nature and more man-made entertainment, the largest indoor water park in existence is in South Anchorage in addition to the Alaska Zoo.

Shopping and Culture

In spite of the wild and remote character of this special city, there is ample refined shopping complete with major national retailers and charming shops tucked away in quaint tourist areas. Talented artists put on regular shows, festivals and cultural affairs.

The South Anchorage Farmers Market is a large social event in addition to offering heads of lettuce that are as large as soccer balls. The giant flowers that grow here and can be bought at the market make eye catching flower arrangements.

An active nightlife supports upbeat fun and additional employment opportunities. Anchorage Alaska should boast more about having the lowest unemployment rate in the nation.


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