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Houses for Sale in Talkeetna, AK is Your Next Best Thing Explore Houses for Sale in Talkeetna, AK!

Houses for Sale in Talkeetna, AK is Your Next Best Thing

 Are you searching for houses for sale in Talkeetna AK? If so, do you have adequate information on the real estate prices and other features of the city? Did I hear a loud “NO”! Well, if that is the case then we have gathered some information for you. Read it till the end to make the most out of this blog. 

 Special Features of a Quirky City of Alaska, Talkeetna

First off, this is said to be the quirkiest city in Alaska. It is famous as a National Park. Following are some cool features of this city. 


If you are a person who loves nightlife and adventures. Then check out houses for sale in Talkeetna AK. Why? The reason is simple. Talkeetna offers bars in restaurants and similar activities on weekend nights. Nobody goes home without having a shot of booze. Let it be locals or tourists. Everyone loves the nightlife this city provides. Other than that, live music and cheap beers – you will get it everywhere in the young nights of Talkeetna. 

Artisan Shops 

As long as shopping is concerned, Talkeetna has been serving residents perfectly. The shops however are pretty different. Mainly because the artisans don’t have big shops and sell right in front of their houses. These houses are more like wooden cabins or quaint houses. One thing is for sure – these shops are the source of attraction to those who come from other cities or countries as tourists. 

 Parks & Recreational Activities 

Talkeetna is known for fishing salmon and rafting in summers. Flightseeing is another activity people do if they are in this city. Other sorts of fun are also linked to this city – those which are enjoyed by all irrespective of age or genders.

Talkeetna, AK

Located at the confluence of the Susitna, Talkeetna and Chulitna Rivers, Talkeetna is a small town in the Mat-Su Borough. Much of the downtown area is considered a National Historic Site and provides residents and visitors alike with a hands-on chronology of the history of the town. Nearby towns and cities include Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer.

Talkeetna Amenities

Talkeetna, found at the base of Mt. McKinley in Denali State Park, is a hot spot for some of the coolest sporting and recreational activities in Alaska. Fishing, hunting, mushing, mountain climbing and more. And if you’re looking for something with a slower pace, within the city there’s plenty of shopping, arts and entertainment waiting for you. Check out the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce website to find out more information. Contact our realtor team for details on local Talkeetna local listings.

Talkeetna Real Estate

The average home price in the area is $180K, which is a 20.3% increase from last year. Current listings  in this area range from $300K to $1.75M. Check out the local listings in Talkeetna with our realtor team.

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Schools in Talkeetna

Public schools in the area are under the supervision of the Mat-Su School Board. Below is a map of schools that are found near the area:

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Top Neighborhoods

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