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The Best Houses for Sale in Wasilla, Alaska Explore Houses for Sale in Wasilla, AK With Our Realtor Team!

The Best Houses for Sale in Wasilla, Alaska Which Deserve You

You may like a house but does it suit your needs? This question shifts the focus – from what you could potentially buy to what is best for you! Therefore, we can easily say that houses for sale Wasilla Alaska are best only if they are fulfilling your requirements. 

houses-for-sale-wasillaAt this point, we all want to know some basics like; 


  • How should we know what is best for us? 
  • Which are the features that highlight our priorities in a custom house? 
  • When can we locate the best houses in the year? 
  • Are you sure that the needs are not overlooked? 


All these questions are mandatory to answer before searching for houses for sale Wasilla Alaska. We have catered these questions below in points. 

Prioritize Features and Make a Checklist 

First off, to know which house may turn out best, you must make a checklist of all that is a high priority. After that only you will be able to be sure about the needs. Now, what can be the needs? Well, it can include anything or everything in a house. For example, you may want to have a perfect stoned wall in the washroom.  

Locating Houses for Sale Wasilla Alaska

Another thing to remain mindful of is the location of the house. In case you have a family to share a house with. The priorities will be different than a situation when you are living alone. With kids and spouses, your priority will be more about the school and grocery shop in the location. Living in a neighborhood where kids are loved will also be part of your checklist. Likewise, if you are alone. The needs might be different – the distance from the house to the office, etc.  

Never to Ignore List 

Another list or part of the list can be about what you wouldn’t want to miss. For music enthusiasts, nightclubs offering music, concert events, etc. are a must, right? Likewise, you can choose what not to ignore and keep it on the list while looking out for houses for sale Wasilla Alaska. 

Wasilla, AK

The sixth largest city in Alaska, Wasilla is a bustling town with something of a famed history. Before Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska, she served as mayor of Wasilla. Due to its close proximity to Anchorage, it is the perfect commuter town for those who want the taste of a bigger city but still want the opportunity to get away from it all. The city has a varied transportation system that includes a  system of public-access seaplanes. Neighboring towns and cities include Fishhook, Gateway and Palmer, to name a few.

Wasilla Amenities and Recreation

Hockey is a major activity in the area. Aside from having a franchise team, the Alaska Avalanche, there are plenty of smaller, intramural teams that play regularly. If you’re not so steady on a pair of skates, you can also partake in everything from fishing and hiking to canoeing and kayaking to pass the time.

Wasilla, AK Real Estate

The average home value in the area is $232,300, which is a 2.5% decrease from 2012. Current listings range from below $200K to well over $12.1M. This range includes commercial and large land listings. Contact our realtors for more information on our Wasilla listings.

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Schools in Wasilla, AK

Schools in the area are under the supervision of  the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District. Below is a map of nearby schools in the area:

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