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West Anchorage, Alaska Real Estate

West Anchorage, AK

In our fully-connected, modern world there is no point in settling to live anywhere that is not your absolute favorite place to live. West Anchorage, Alaska has a lot to offer anyone looking to settle down in a hip little city in the middle of a truly incredible natural environment.

Some people are happiest in the city. They thrive off the hustle, bustle, and rude attitude of New York, Chicago, or Paris. They feel comfortable surrounded by concrete and not knowing their neighbors. Making it all the way across town while literally surrounded by people, but not engaging in a single conversation because no one makes eye contact is a normal occurrence for city people.

Meanwhile, the problem with living in a rural area is that it gets lonely after awhile. The country scenery is relaxing, but there is no night life. That is why the perfect place to live is a city surrounded by a rich natural environment, a place where a five minute drive outside of town can lead to amazing opportunity for outdoor adventures.

If you are a person who enjoys the big city life without the social disconnect or if you would just enjoy a more natural environment without having to sacrifice your social life, then living in the city of West Anchorage, Alaska may be just what you are looking for.

What makes West Anchorage, AK unique?

Anchorage Alaska offers a hip nightlife, and fine dining, but five minutes outside of town there is hiking, fishing, and breathtaking sightseeing opportunities. Where else can you live where you can get the best of both these worlds?

The outdoor opportunities outside of Anchorage are without parallel. There are many attractions, parks, and things to do. The mountains are a trade mark of the Anchorage skyline that also hold many adventuring options. There is hiking, fishing, guided tours, and cruises available for a single adventurer or the entire family.

You can even see the famous Aurora Borealis right from your home in West Anchorage. The Northern Lights are visible all through the winter months when anchorage is dark enough to see the phenomenon.

West Anchorage has something to offer everyone. From young families, retirees, and students alike, everyone is sure to fine joy here. For all you seafood lovers, since the city is right on the Pacific coast, there is amazingly fresh, world-renowned sea food.


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