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Peace of Mind With Love Where You Live Promise


Enjoy Peace of Mind With RMG’s Love Where You Live Promise

Two of my friends recently bought a new home in Washington State. Shortly after closing on this property and moving in, they discovered black mold all over their home, hidden in the ceilings like a creature straight out of a horror movie. Somehow, their home inspection had missed it. They were stuck with over $100,000 in damage in their new home.

This kind of thing–and by “thing,” I mean “life”–happens. At the risk of sounding overly philosophical, much of life is characterized by uncertainty. From family emergencies to changes of heart, complications arise, which can make purchasing a home complicated as well.

Luckily, RMG Real Estate Network understands all of this, as well as the fact that buying and selling your home is an enormous investment. In order to ease their clients’ stress and help them feel fully supported, as well as to create space for life’s uncertainties, the RMG team is offering a unique “Love Where You Live Buying Promise.” Here’s how it works.

Buying Promise: You have one whole year to make sure your home is just right.

Perhaps you realize your new home isn’t exactly what you want or need–say, the area’s weather isn’t what you expected or your job situation suddenly changes. When these tough circumstances arise, RMG will sell your new home for free. You heard that right–RMG will stick with you for up to one year after you close on your home in order to make sure you love where you live.

To receive this benefit, home buyers must opt to use RMG’s Buying Promise program. They also need to allow RMG to either represent them while buying their next home in the area or refer them to a trusted agent elsewhere. Keep in mind that this promise is only applied to the seller side of the commission, as the buyer’s agent will still need to be paid. The promise is also applied after other seller closing costs, such as appraisal and referral fees.

Offer Now Promise: RMG will connect you with a trusted investor with a cash offer to sell your home quickly.

Whether you are falling behind on mortgage payments, dealing with medical issues, or are in the middle of another crisis and are headed for foreclosure, RMG’s Offer Now Promise has the potential to save the day when you feel as though you are out of options and can no longer afford to keep your home.

This program supports individuals who desire a quick, easy, and hassle-free sale. The program allows you to avoid preparing your home and listing it on the market by pairing you with one of their preferred investors. This investor then writes an offer on your home in order to help you sell quickly.

According to RMG’s CEO Annie Bjerkestrand, the Offer Now Promise stems from compassion for the company’s clients. “When a family needs to get out of their mortgage ASAP, this program will help them do just that,” Bjerkestrand says. “It has the power to save families in their darkest hour when no one else (bank, friends) can.”

At this point you might be suspiciously thinking, “Okay, what’s the catch?” There is, however, no catch. RMG is simply confident in their services and eager to both ease your experiences with real estate and support you when life gets stressful. The team wants to help you fall in love with where you live.

For more information about the Love Where You Live promise and buying and selling with RMG, get in touch with their team at 1-907-562-INFO.